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Who & what is ONE MILLION DOGS? Dog lovers and wonderful dogs photos from all over the world. Dog people "like you and me" can join. We all start something unique and incredibly precious together for the first time.

That is the goal:

A website with 1,000,000 dog photos for the eternity, which also finances € 6,000,000 for assistance dogs.


Hundepfote Onemilliondogs Every dog is unique and special. Every participating dog is presented on a photo with its name, home town and country. And each dog is given a personal number on onemilliondogs.net.

Check out the dog piccies.

Are you in?

Dog lovers achieve the impossible and shape the 8th wonder of the world: 1,000,000 different dog photos from all over the world on one web page for eternity. But there is more to it ... inspiring so many dog lovers. We dog people also do good and spread happiness by funding the training of assistance dogs. With our beloved dogs, we leave something unique and precious – footprints of dog love.

Join us, be part of it, write together with your dog internet history. And spread dog love & happiness!

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Be there! The project in a nutshell - that's why so many join.

1,000,000 dog photos on this homepage for "eternity"
fair 12 Euros* per furry nose and photo
50 % are donated for the training of assitance dogs


... make the world more colorful & kind!

Your dog online!


1.000.000 Dog Photos

1,000,000 dog photos

We would like to bring together 1,000,000 dogs on this homepage. Let's create with our dogs a beautiful moment of internet history.

When people browse our 1,000,000 dog photos in 20 or 30 years, they will be amazed "WOW - what a happy piece of dog love and history".

One Million Dog Photos

6,000,000 Euros for assistance dogs

If we dog lovers bring together on this website 1,000,000 dogs "for eternity", that already is perfectly wonderful and lovely.

In addition, we will fund together with 6,000,000 Euros the training of assistance dogs. The respective recipient(s) of the donation will be introduced on this webpage.

Spread happiness
& make some dog memories

Your dog. Your sweetheart. Your tracks.


The rainbow bridge

ONE MILLION DOGS - the rainbow bridge is no longer a one-way street!

While planning and developing ONE MILLION DOGS, the question came up if we want to remember Ferry on this homepage.

Ferry was a super sweet Golden Retriever with whom my two siblings and I grew up happily in our family. Ferry crossed the rainbow bridge in 1998.


... dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge and they are still with us!

Hundepfote The moment we started thinking about Ferry, we knew we wanted Ferry to be one in the million. Our whole family was so sad and mourned for a long time when Ferry had to pass the rainbow bridge. Our beloved dog looked like he was sleeping even though he was not. No reaction when we touched and talked to him. Such a sad moment when we realized that he had passed. Our whole family came together to bury Ferry and give him back to mother nature.

The rainbow bridge – so sad and awful but unfortunately inevitable. One of the saddest thoughts for us dog lovers is that our beloved dog has to pass the rainbow bridge one day and way too soon. A thought that is just unbearable.

Golden Retriever Ferry

So much happiness and joy – dearest Ferry!

Ferry is on ONE MILLION DOGS among other dogs and dog lovers from all over the world. We love this feeling and truly hope with all of our heart that he has a lot of fun with all the other dogs. Who knows, right? Life goes magical ways. For us, Ferry just did not make it back on this website, he really came back and we started sharing Ferry stories. And we are so happy that he and our memories with him will get to stay with us.

  One million dogs that will stay with us!  
This one line as an idea, vision and maxime for ONE MILLOIN DOGS becomes more and more important and significant as we keep thinking about it.

Dogs who stay forever!

By developing the idea of ONE MILLION DOGS the thought was not about dogs that are not with us anymore – dogs that had to pass the rainbow bridge. However, as the idea grew and got more substantial, the thinking started about dogs that had to pass, just like our family dog Ferry. We are so happy that developing this website brought Ferry back into our minds and heads, giving us a chance to relive so many great memories that we shared with him.

Thus, all dogs are welcome on ONE MILLION DOGS so that everybody can be together and you get to share your love with other dog lovers. All dogs have one thing in common – they get to stay here forever ! ! !

Joining – quick and easy!